John Grantham receives Life Membership

Updated: Mar 14

Congratulations to John Grantham on being awarded Townsville Choral Society Life Membership! At our Annual General Meeting held Sunday 8th March 2020, John was presented with a custom Life Membership pin and certificate by President, Sonia Warrell and Bob Hinds as the immediate past Senior Vice President.

John has been involved in Eisteddfod, shows, theatre restaurants, set realisation and senior

committee positions.

An integral part of the bass line for many years, John's accuracy in singing the bass part could always be trusted. John played keyboard for the male parts as repetiteur at times when split rehearsals were being conducted.

John performed named leads in various shows and always gave memorable performances. He was likewise a stalwart of the theatre restaurants and tried his hand at writing pieces that were performed in the few final theatre restaurants presented by the society.

In retirement, John became involved with the team that constructed the

sets for shows, and when Jim Pollock who had been the team leader decided to retire to

Brisbane, John took over the role having trades skills and engineering knowledge.

John's role involved conceptualising what the set designer required in practical terms and then working out how to make it happen, using what resources the society had on hand and what still had to be purchased.

Conceptualisation and construction would often take significant time contributions depending on the complexity and the magnitude of the task. Sets ranged from the juggernaut represented by the Les Mis barricades to the very clever magic required in Mary Poppins.

John's committee role involved the standard tasks of a member with a portfolio, but he was also a confidante and adviser to the president, especially on matters to do with the society's buildings. In fact, the set construction team was also involved in construction and maintenance of buildings and equipment.

For the countless hours of contribution to Townsville Choral Society over his 23 years of membership, we would like to thank John with the highest honour we can bestow and welcome him as a Life Member.

Congratulations John!

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