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Mid Year Update

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Hello Friends! Can you believe it’s May already in 2022? Time flies when you are having fun. We were having loads of fun during the January production of The Little Mermaid. After the first week, it got a little less fun. Our fantastic show was postponed until August. The great news is that the majority of the ticket holders kept their tickets for the re-mount. And, how often do you get to “tweak” set, costumes etc., for the same show… nice. Brady Cronin cannot reprise his role as Prince Eric, but fortunately, we have the ever talented Sam Stewart taking on the challenge. Our incredible vocal director Claire Davies will be stepping in as a Mersister for Kieri Darrigan while she attends her sister’s wedding. We’ll miss you and your Mum for a second “dive".

How good was Trivia night? Well done to Ryan, Nicole, Michael, Sandy and Claire for a fun evening. My team somehow came from 5th place to finish 3rd. Not a bad effort since the young ladies and gents at our table kept the bar staff pretty busy throughout. The AGM was very well attended. We made some special presentations, said goodbye to a few long-standing committee members and gained some fresh faces.

Finally, there was Eisteddfod. I was taking my girls to see Frozen in Brisbane (which was epic, by the way), but here at home, the Choir were in red alert damage control… Somehow, under grim circumstances, the members remaining pulled off some remarkable results. Well done; I marvel at the commitment and energy. That reminds me, our friend Covid is not going away. Eat well, do some exercise and get lots of sleep. I wrote to the WHO and suggested that we invite the whole planet to lockdown for two weeks beginning December 1. Plenty of time to prepare and stock up. We can then get rid of nasty germs. I’ve not heard back.

Take care, everyone,

Andrew Higgins

AGM Update

On 27th March, we held our Annual General Meeting. It was a very eventful afternoon full of recognition and reflection. President Andrew Higgins provided a fun-filled account of the previous year's events and thanked those who work tirelessly to ensure our society is successful in its purpose.

Special thanks went out to Kym Wilson and Tim Honeyball for ten years on the committee, both now taking a well-earnt rest. Our 2021 outgoing committee members Lindsay Singham and Keiri Darrigan were also recognised.

Milestone years of service badges were presented to;

Tim Honeyball - 20 years

Rod Wilson - 40 years

Badges to be presented at a later time:

Leone Batt - 20 Years

Kaye Hinds- 50 years

Congratulations to our 2022 / 2023 committee as set out below;

President: Mr Andrew Higgins Senior Vice President: Mr John Grantham Secretary: Mrs Jodie BellTreasurer: Mr Brett Greenland AM Committee Members: Nicole Ireland, Deb Kelso, Ryan Mills, Samuel Stewart, Claire Davies, Sandra Neal, Renee Wagner, Elleigh Weston, Adrian Corbett

Musical Director: Ms Rachel Cairns Deputy Musical Director: Ms Claire Davies Artistic Director: Ms Sandra Neal Musical Directors - ChoralAires: Mrs Kym Wilson, Mrs Kaye Hinds

The Ultimate Music Trivia Night