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Choir Returns - September 27th

Choir Is back ! We are happy to announce another partnership with the Barrier Reef Orchestra. All existing and new members are welcome, if you'd like to get ahead with rehearsal tracks please email Claire at

What are we singing, you ask? On the program will be:

Unclouded Day The Ground Zadok, the Priest Beethoven’s Hallelujah Plus an exciting encore that shall be revealed at the first rehearsal.

Of course there will be rehearsal tracks for all of the pieces as our rehearsal time is short and sweet.

* Tuesday 27 September 7pm * Tuesday 4 October 7pm * Tuesday 11 October 7pm * Tuesday 18 October 7pm

* Friday 21 October (with BRO for 1.5hrs) * Saturday 22 October (with BRO for 1hr)

* Soundcheck on Sunday 23/10 TBC @ Civic Theatre

We can’t wait to see you all very soon

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