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Auditions 2 - 3 March 2019

Only listed roles will be auditioned as adult roles have been precast


Auditions will be held at our hall, 485 Sturt Street , Townsville.

  • Vocal auditions - From Saturday 2 March 2019

  • Dance auditions - 9:30am - 11:30am Sunday 3 March 2019

  • Any callbacks required will be in the afternoon 3 March 2019

  • You must be 18yrs by 24 April 2019 to participate

Audition registrations have now closed and no further audition timeslots are available.

HEATHERS: The Musical

Heathers The Musical is the darkly delicious story of Veronica Sawyer, a brainy, beautiful teenage misfit who hustles her way into the most powerful and ruthless clique at Westerberg High: the Heathers. But before she can get comfortable atop the high school food chain, Veronica falls in love with the dangerously sexy new kid J.D. When Heather Chandler, the Almighty, kicks her out of the group, Veronica decides to bite the bullet and kiss Heather's aerobicized ass, but J.D. has another plan for that bullet.


HEATHERS: The Musical is based on the 1989 film staring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty which was directed by Michael Lehmann and written by Daniel Waters.

Character List

Only listed roles will be auditioned as the three adult roles have been precast


VERONICA SAWYER, Stage age – 17

Burns to both cool and kind, but doesn’t yet know how to be both at the same time. Fierce sense of right and wrong, keen sense of ironic humour.  Thinks she’s an old soul, but she’s still innocent enough to be blindsided by love or shocked by cruelty. 

Voice:                  High belting required, up to Ab.  Must have dynamic and stylistic range.

Audition:             Dead Girl Walking (all)                                 Dialogue:            Page 91-92

Callback:             Seventeen (With JD)                                     Dialogue:            Page 91-92 (with JD)


JASON “J.D” DEAN, Stage age – 17

Darkly charismatic, competing, attractive.  Charming on the outside, damaged on the inside.  Keen smarts, savage wit.

Voice:                  Strong, confident belt to at least an Ab, A preferable; wide emotional range.

Audition:             Freeze Your Brain (all)                                  Dialogue:            Page 91-92

Callback:             Seventeen (with Veronica)                           Dialogue:            Page 91-92 (with Veronica)


HEATHER CHANDLER, Stage age – 17

The richest, hottest, cruellest girl in town.  Relishes power and wields it without fear, patience, or mercy. 

Voice:                  Strong belt to F or higher preferred. 

Audition:             Candy Store (bar 57 to end)                        Dialogue:            Page 27

Callback:             Candy Story (bar 57 to end with other Heathers)


HEATHER MCNAMARA, Stage age – 17

Beautiful, innocent, stupid.  Can be man on command if Heather Chandler orders it, but actually quite vulnerable and fearful.

Voice:                   Strong belt to Db, D preferred.

Audition:             Candy Store (bar 13-39); Lifeboat (all)       Dialogue:            Page 103

Callback:             Candy Story (bar 57 to end with other Heathers)


HEATHER DUKE, Stage age – 17

The whipped beta dog of the three Heathers.  Deeply insecure.  When she finally become Queen Bee, she wields power like a bulldozer.

Voice:                  Strong Belt to C, D preferred. 

Audition:             Candy Store (Bar 57 to end – Sing Heather Chandler’s Part)                   

Dialogue:            Page 75-76        

Callback:             Candy Story (bar 57 to end with other Heathers)


MARTHA DUNNSTOCK, Stage age – 17

Nicknamed “Martha Dumptruck,” the opposite of confident and popular.  Huge and beautiful soul, optimistic even in the face of rejection.

Voice:                  Strong belt to E or F, wide vocal expression

Audition:             Kindergarten Boyfriend (all)                        Dialogue:            Page 95-96 (up to ‘Stake my life on it’)


RAM SWEENEY, Stage age – 17

Linebacker. Big, insensitive to the feelings of others, ruled by appetites.

Voice:                  Strong baritone, belt to G, Some falsetto useful.

Audition:             Blue (start to bar 19)                                    Dialogue:            Page 69 - 70

Callback:             Blue (start to bar 19 with Kurt)


KURT KELLY, Stage age – 17

Quarterback and captain.  Chiselled, rude, entitled, cocky. He’s the brains in the friendship with Ram.

Voice:                  tenor, strong belt to Ab or A, some falsetto.

Audition:             Blue (start to bar 19)                                    Dialogue:            Page 69 - 70

Callback:             Blue (Start to bar 19 with Ram)



GIRLS                   Audition:             Select any of the lead girl’s audition pieces

Boys                     Audition:             Select any of the lead boy’s audition pieces or Big Fun (Bar 4 – 24)

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