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Vocal auditions: Friday 20th, Saturday 21st October (must be booked prior)

Dance auditions (all must attend): 9am - 11am, Sunday 22nd October

Call backs: Sunday 22nd from 3pm at the discretion of the Production Team. 


All auditions at Kirwan State High School.


This musical is limited to auditionees ages 16+. 


Due to the tight timelines, rehearsals will begin Sunday, 29th October. 


Book your audition by emailing with the following information: 

Subject Line: WWRY Audition Request - Name 

Text of email:


Contact number (preferably mobile):



Characters that you would like to audition for: 

Any other relevant information: 


A link will be sent to you containing vocal material and dialogue, and closer to the time, dance audition material to prepare.  


Please be aware that due to the very recent run of Wicked, it may take some time for us to get back to you! If you haven't heard within a week, please check in! 



Galileo - Male (16 – 30 years); A misfit who keeps hearing strange voices and songs in his head which deliver messages he can 't understand. Galileo won't dress like a Ga Ga kid and has been caught trying to make music. He is unaware that he is the one the Bohemians have been waiting for, who will lead them to the place where the last remaining live instruments have lain hidden for hundreds of years. Dance skills advantageous.

Scaramouche - Female (16 - 30 years); Another misfit who also gets into trouble with the Secret Police, Scaramouche meets Galileo in hospital and they run away together. Her sharp wit keeps Galileo on his toes and gradually they fall for each other. Dance skills advantageous.


Killer Queen - Female (30 - 50 years); A ruthless businesswoman and is in charge of Global Soft, the world wide corporation which is responsible for the suppression of all live music. She's power-crazy and tough, as well as beautiful.


Khashoggi -  Male (30 - 50 years); Works for Killer Queen and is in charge of getting rid of any original or creative musical thoughts and going

after the Bohemians. His victims are sent to the Seven Seas of Rhye.


Buddy - Male (30 – 60 years); An old librarian and a hippy who has studied the sacred musical texts to the extent that even the Seven Seas of Rhye cannot entirely erase them from his mind. He's a comic character who acts as a foil to Galileo and Scaramouche towards the end of the musical.


Brit - Male (20 - 50 years); bohemian intent on discovering the secrets of live music, and who believes that someone will come who will  show the Bohemians the way.


Oz - Female (20 - 50 years); bohemian intent on discovering the secrets of live music, and who believes that someone will come who will show the Bohemians the way.


Ensemble - Super Yuppies, Teacher, Doctors, Ga Ga Kids, Ga Ga Teen Queens, Policemen, Yuppies, Bohemians.

(Ensemble will have multiple roles.)



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