Book by David Greig    Music by Marc Shaiman    Lyrics by Scott Wittman & Marc Shaiman 

Based on the novel by ROALD DAHL

Songs from the Motion Picture by 


Adult Auditions 16-18 April 2021

Children Auditions 23, 24, and 26 April 2021

Performances 18-28 August 2021

Townsville Civic Theatre


Roald Dahl's celebrated tale of Charlie Bucket and the eccentric confectioner, Willy Wonka, was reworked for the stage in 2013. When Charlie wins a golden ticket to the mysterious Wonka Chocolate Factory, it's a chance of a lifetime to feast on the sweets and chocolates that have always been right under his nose by unaffordable for the Bucket family. Along with the other winners - Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee, and Augustus Gloop - Charlie is swept inside of the mysterious factory with his Grandpa Joe. Inside, the winners encounter a magical world full of amazement, innovation, sugary treats, and, of course, Oompa-Loompas. But as the winners begin to let their greed and selfish natures get the better of them, it seems that everything is not as sweet as it seems. 


Venue: Townsville Choral Society Hall

Adult Auditions: 16-18 April 2021

Children's Auditions: 23, 24 and 26 April 2021

Complete and submit the audition form by Wednesday 14 April 2021

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18-28 August 2021 at the Townsville Civic Theatre


Find sheet music and audition material for all roles:

Charlie Bucket

Male OR female, 10-15 years old.

Featured in nearly every scene, so must be a strong singer, actor and dancer. Will be double cast to ensure performers do not get worn out throughout the run of performances.

Audition: Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka! (Bar 1-174, incl. dialogue)

Callback: The View From Here (Bar 73-111)

Willy Wonka/Candy Man

Male, 20+. Enigmatic, mysterious and charismatic all in one - be prepared to work with the Director on character creation. Must be a strong singer and actor.

Audition: It Must Be Believed To Be Seen (Bar 24-128)

Callback: The View From Here (Bar 73-111)

Grandpa Joe

Male, stage age of a grandparent. A gentle grandfather figure able to nurture Charlie and encourage him to always look on the bright side. 

Audition: Charlie, You And I (Bar 2-36)

Mrs Gloop

Female, stage age of a parent. Augustus' mother. Quite dimwitted but with a demanding presence and comedic timing, the ability to yodel a bonus.

Audition: More Of Him To Love (Bar 1-26)

Callback: More Of Him To Love (Bar 52-60)

Augustus Gloop

Male, 18-30. Stocky and comedic. German, ability to yodel a bonus.

Audition: More Of Him To Love (Bar 27-60)

Callback: More Of Him To Love (Bar 52-60)

Mr Salt

Male, stage age of a parent. Veruca's father. A wealthy businessperson, upper-class and Russian. 

Audition & Callback: When Veruca Says (Bar 1-53)

Veruca Salt

Female, 19-30. Vicious and beautiful; must be able to dance classical ballet, a comic actress with a character singing/screaming voice. Russian. Pointe shoes will be required. 

Audition: Pure Imagination (Bar 1-38)

Callback: When Veruca Says (Bar 1-53)

Mr Beauregarde

Male, stage age of a parent. Violet's father. American, soulful voice. Beatboxing skills a bonus.

Audition & Callback: The Queen of Pop (Bar 61-112)

Violet Beauregarde

Female, 18-30. Violet has a commanding pop voice. American. Hip-hop dance skills a bonus. 

Audition: The Queen of Pop (Bar 13-60)

Callback: The Queen of Pop (Bar 61-112)

Mrs Teavee

Female, stage age of a parent. Mike's mother, American with a Southern twang. 

Audition: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Bar 1-75)

Callback: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Bar 61-112)

Mike Teavee

Male, 18-30. Fast-paced talker always plugged into technology. American with a Southern twang, hip hop skills a bonus. 

Audition: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Bar 75-92)

Callback: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (Bar 61-112)

Mrs Bucket

Female, stage age of a parent. 

Audition: If Your Father Were Here (Bar 1-30, 48-57)

Charlie's Grandparents

Two female, one male (not including Grandpa Joe)

Audition: Pure Imagination (Bar 1-38)


Reporters, candy shoppers, Oompa Loompas, and more. All ages encouraged to audition.

Audition: Pure Imagination (Bar 1-38) AND Auf Wiedersehen Augustus (Bar 26-74)


If you are interested in creating magic behind the scenes, there are a number of exciting opportunities also available! From assisting with set construction and painting in the coming months through to joining the technical team to assist with lighting or being a member of the stage crew, please let the production team know as all skills are sought. Whether you are a high school student or in your 50s, have worked on a production before, or want to try your hand at one for the first time, email to express your interest. Fields that will require assistance include: 

  • Stage crew

  • Technical crew (lighting)

  • Set painting

  • Hair

  • Makeup

  • Sewing/costume preparation